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What to do in case your child has a fracture


Falls are a common part of childhood and every mother must be equipped with a first aid kit like Australia Wide First Aid and with the knowledge of how to tell if a fall has resulted in a broken bone and the steps that she must take if she suspects a fracture.

How to know if a bone is broken: The classic signs of a fracture are pain, swelling, and deformity. You can be almost certain that a bone has been broken if you or your child heard a snap or a grinding noise during the injury. In case of a fracture the injured part may appear deformed and look like a bump or there may be a change in the bone’s normal shape. It would be painful for your child to move, touch or press the injured area and it will be painful to bear weight in case it’s the leg that has been injured.

What to do in case you suspect a fracture: In case you suspect that your child has a fracture the best strategy is not to panic but to seek immediate medical care . If your child has injured his/her head, neck or back or if the broken bone comes through the skin you must call for emergency care at “000” (You could also reach out on other secondary emergency numbers “112” and “106”). In case the broken bone has broken through the skin and its bleeding apply constant pressure with a thick cloth or a clean gauze pad and keep the child lying down till medical help arrives. It is advisable not to move the injured part to look at the wound or wash it or try to push in the part of the bone that has come out.

For less serious injuries stabilise the injury by removing the clothing around the injured part by cutting the clothing off and applying a cold compress or ice pack wrapped in a cloth. You could also make a makeshift split for the injured limb. Placing the injured limb in the same position in which you find it apply a soft padding followed by placing something firm like a board next to the injured part and apply first aid tape or bandage to hold the splint in place.

3 reasons why you should shift to home juicing


In today’s ever hectic schedules we are always on the move. This is life’s demand. But do we realize what we are missing out on and what effect it is having on our bodies. Well we only realize the worth when our body is in trouble, well that’s human nature. However the basic that any individual can do towards their body is to just eat right. The way it is as simple to write, it is as simple to follow. At the end of the day, its’ all about just following a routine and you see the benefits coming to you. To assist us here Fruits and vegetables are like those unsung heroes who are ready to do their bit all the time but we just keep ignoring them. When at work, opt for a healthy juice as a snack option. Home Corporate Catering  is available with a number of small outlets.

The paradise of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are always available to us and we can make them a part of our diet in different ways. We can eat them raw or squash them up to make a lovely juice. Just remembering the time when our grandmas used to mix all of them up and blend  them up in an awesome smoothie of sorts. Well, we can do all that now too and the benefits are amazing. You have a bounty of juices available in the supermarket today. But the delight of a just now whisked orange or carrot juice is a complete delight. Let’s just ponder over the benefits of home juicing the different vegetables and fruits.

Let’s juice them up!

• When you make the juice at home, you have the liberty and you actually put a couple of fruits and vegetables together which we are sure you will never eat raw. Thus in one glass of dense juice you take a combination of vitamins and nutrients together which is a very good thing.
• Fresh juices have very good enzymes in it which are delivered to your body. These help in digestion and further absorption and conversion of food into body tissue. All in all they are in a way a source of instant energy which gets wasted when the vegetable or fruit is processed or cooked.
• Children should never be given processed juice because by the time they are packed and by the time the child drinks it, all the nutrients are wasted. Moreover extra sugar and god knows what else is added to the juice to make it taste good. So best is to blend the fruit and vegetable yourself in your blender in your kitchen and see the child drink what you could never imagine your child would eat.

Juicing is the best way to a smarter and healthier life. It helps to support your bowel movement as they detoxify the body and give ease from constipation. With a juice you incorporate the different colors in your diet which is very important for your body. Also with juice the digestion process is eased out. It has been seen that by consuming juices of different juices and vegetables you protect yourself from different types of cancers as juices have different kinds of antioxidants.

So what are you waiting for grab that fruit or vegetable and just drink it!

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5 reasons why you need internal signage at the workplace


Right from retail signage to corporate identity and wayfinding systems, internal signage comes in a variety of forms. Performing the task of guiding the onlooker with the required information, internal signage at the workplace has become one of the most vital parts of most of the corporate offices. But, what several companies do not understand is the immense benefits that internal signage offer, apart from guiding the employees and the visitors.

Owing to the benefits of internal signage at workplace, every organization must invest in it. FM Digital LED Signs  employs the latest in LED and LCD display signage both for internal and external use.

Here are the top 5 reasons that your workplace needs the internal signage.

1. Propagation of information

While there are several well-suited mediums to convey important information to employees at the workplace, but they might not be the ideal tools to use. For instance, meetings are a good way to communicate but they are time consuming. On the flip side, internal digital signage in the workplace can play a key role in the efficient propagation of information without the wastage of time & effort, and is considered as one of the best ways to keep the employees updated with the latest happenings, events and important messages.

2. An effective communication channel

Internal signage is one of the best communication channels and an indispensable tool as it speaks to and reaches every employee. Internal signage is, undoubtedly, a powerful way to gain support, build awareness, promote safety and provide credibility at workplace. It helps in reinforcing a healthy work environment and assists in communicating the company’s direction efficaciously.

3. Motivating employees

A compelling message or motivational words displayed on an LED sign in the organization can help in boosting the employee engagement and motivating them in the tough times. It can help in motivating the employees by highlighting the company goals which have been already achieved and let employees know that the company management appreciates their efforts and accomplishments.

4. Guide the visitors

Internal signage can be deployed in an organization as a persuasive non-verbal tools facilitating effectual communication. The LEDs allow you use your company’s animations, photographs, videos and messages to deliver attention grabbing messages to the visitors. A vibrant LED showcasing company’s messages might be an innovative answer to ensure that the right message reaches the right people without much effort.

5. Communicating the company products and services to potential customers

By showcasing your products and communicating your services through internal signage, you might be able to advertise your products and services to the potential customers. Consequently, you might get close to winning a new customer and engage the existing customers with more services.
Considering all the aforementioned reasons, you certainly need to invest in internal signage.

Wedding with a difference – opt for a rustic wedding venue


Wedding is one such event of a person’s life that one wishes to make as memorable as possible so to make the memories last a lifetime. You want everything just perfect if not, an ostentatious show. Something which is warm, casual yet well coordinated, and planned with the most important things, close to your heart. Well styles and options could be many, what matters is, and what you are comfortable with.

The way the weddings go , you can have a nice banquet hall or a hotel to add that sparkle to your big day. That’s the usual way; however one has all the freedom and right to make it a different one where you could make it unlike any other wedding anyone has seen.

Off late there has been a shift towards keeping things very earthy and close to the roots, as we say simple and basic. This is termed as the concept of the rusting wedding. Factory 51 rustic wedding venue  is boutique function venue blessed with stunning red brick walls, an elegant design & a large alfresco space. A perfect place to offset a rustic wedding theme.
The theme may be simple but, no wedding is simple in true terms. All one requires is thoughtful planning , right approach and apt scheduling towards it.

The Planning

From the usual banquet wedding , with the rustic wedding idea sky can be your limit. You are the ruler of your thoughts and you can live them with your wedding in the most creative manner. Your wedding could be in the open farmlands, the country house, the orchard, the hills or mountains, the riverside et al. It could be your childhood farm barn as well, where you have grown up. Just cherish the time gone by and make your fresh memories. You dream it, name it and just go for it.

However, there are a few aspects that must be kept in mind as you plan your dream day so that it is not a discomfort for you and your guests.

• If your wedding is planned outside, then one must keep oneself updated with the weather which is expected at that time of the year. Whether it’s going to be rainy, chilly or hot. All this should be sorted and well conveyed to your guests in time before guests reach the venue.
• With a rustic wedding, your creativity can have no bounds. You can have the color scheme as per the location. Browns, orange and other non conventional colors can be part he wedding.
• You can have the family pictures printed on cushions and table cloths to be a signage of the family lineage and so on. Not just this your wedding can be a reflection of your family traditions, where the food and drinks could also be the ones which your family was fond off. The wine, the vintage collection whatever you wish to boast about, do it.

Wedding is truly an event of a lifetime, you save up for it and want leave a mark. Make it as nostalgic, as sentimental you wish. Let it be truly a window of your taste and the culture you have nurtured and imbibed within yourself for the years gone by.

3 ways to increase productivity at work


With the limited hours in a day, making the most of your time and optimum use of resources is critical for a business that looks forward to achieving success in todays’ cutting-edge competitive marketplace. Organizations keep on innovating newer ways to enhance productivity at the workplace  to stay ahead of their competitors and augment their ROIs. Organizational productivity  is the combination of focused efforts and intelligent planning.Being productive at work is not rocket science, but it requires considerable deliberation about how to make best use of resources and manage time at work.

Here are some vital tips that will help you increase productivity at work.

Adopt an ERP Software Solution

While every company is different and has its own set of unique challenges, there are some issues which every company faces including inefficient resource scheduling and materials requirement planning, data inconsistencies, high overhead costs, uncontrolled purchasing procedures and many more. Overall, experiencing any of these organizational issues can impact the bottom lines negatively.
But, by investing in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, you can optimize activities, define best practices and regain control over your organizational processes. UXC Eclipse  is a global ERP & CRM software implementation partner delivering a choice of intelligent business solutions.

ERP software, by providing business process automation, eliminating data entry errors, streamlining operations, and improving visibility, accelerates the data flow and improves the accuracy of the information and helps the staff to focus on the complex issues, which, require personalized attention.

Make the Workplace Greener

Several studies and researches have concluded that adding greenery and green plants enhance the overall productivity of employees. The results of these researches revealed a vital relationship between workplace greenery or access to greener views and overall workplace attitude. The studies also show that green views and access to outdoor greenery enhanced the workplace productivity by about 19%. Apart from increasing productivity, the access to green areas is also known for reducing the overall stress levels among the employees, which, in turn, also helps in enhancing the productivity.

Mandatory Lunch Breaks

Though, it sounds counterintuitive, but scheduled lunch breaks can improve the concentration of the employees while helping them work more productively. Researches have shown that taking scheduled breaks during long tasks helps an individual to maintain a constant level of performance, while in the absence of the breaks; people may start experiencing steady decline in the performance. Thus, in order to enhance productivity at workplace, make the lunch breaks mandatory for all employees. After the break, they resume work with freshness, better concentration and thus, can deliver measurable results and improve self-confidence. Following these three imperative tips can certainly enhance the overall productivity at your workplace and will help your employees to yield better results while optimally utilizing the organizational resources.