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What to do in case your child has a fracture


Falls are a common part of childhood and every mother must be equipped with a first aid kit like Australia Wide First Aid and with the knowledge of how to tell if a fall has resulted in a broken bone and the steps that she must take if she suspects a fracture.

How to know if a bone is broken: The classic signs of a fracture are pain, swelling, and deformity. You can be almost certain that a bone has been broken if you or your child heard a snap or a grinding noise during the injury. In case of a fracture the injured part may appear deformed and look like a bump or there may be a change in the bone’s normal shape. It would be painful for your child to move, touch or press the injured area and it will be painful to bear weight in case it’s the leg that has been injured.

What to do in case you suspect a fracture: In case you suspect that your child has a fracture the best strategy is not to panic but to seek immediate medical care . If your child has injured his/her head, neck or back or if the broken bone comes through the skin you must call for emergency care at “000” (You could also reach out on other secondary emergency numbers “112” and “106”). In case the broken bone has broken through the skin and its bleeding apply constant pressure with a thick cloth or a clean gauze pad and keep the child lying down till medical help arrives. It is advisable not to move the injured part to look at the wound or wash it or try to push in the part of the bone that has come out.

For less serious injuries stabilise the injury by removing the clothing around the injured part by cutting the clothing off and applying a cold compress or ice pack wrapped in a cloth. You could also make a makeshift split for the injured limb. Placing the injured limb in the same position in which you find it apply a soft padding followed by placing something firm like a board next to the injured part and apply first aid tape or bandage to hold the splint in place.