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3 ways to increase productivity at work


With the limited hours in a day, making the most of your time and optimum use of resources is critical for a business that looks forward to achieving success in todays’ cutting-edge competitive marketplace. Organizations keep on innovating newer ways to enhance productivity at the workplace  to stay ahead of their competitors and augment their ROIs. Organizational productivity  is the combination of focused efforts and intelligent planning.Being productive at work is not rocket science, but it requires considerable deliberation about how to make best use of resources and manage time at work.

Here are some vital tips that will help you increase productivity at work.

Adopt an ERP Software Solution

While every company is different and has its own set of unique challenges, there are some issues which every company faces including inefficient resource scheduling and materials requirement planning, data inconsistencies, high overhead costs, uncontrolled purchasing procedures and many more. Overall, experiencing any of these organizational issues can impact the bottom lines negatively.
But, by investing in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, you can optimize activities, define best practices and regain control over your organizational processes. UXC Eclipse  is a global ERP & CRM software implementation partner delivering a choice of intelligent business solutions.

ERP software, by providing business process automation, eliminating data entry errors, streamlining operations, and improving visibility, accelerates the data flow and improves the accuracy of the information and helps the staff to focus on the complex issues, which, require personalized attention.

Make the Workplace Greener

Several studies and researches have concluded that adding greenery and green plants enhance the overall productivity of employees. The results of these researches revealed a vital relationship between workplace greenery or access to greener views and overall workplace attitude. The studies also show that green views and access to outdoor greenery enhanced the workplace productivity by about 19%. Apart from increasing productivity, the access to green areas is also known for reducing the overall stress levels among the employees, which, in turn, also helps in enhancing the productivity.

Mandatory Lunch Breaks

Though, it sounds counterintuitive, but scheduled lunch breaks can improve the concentration of the employees while helping them work more productively. Researches have shown that taking scheduled breaks during long tasks helps an individual to maintain a constant level of performance, while in the absence of the breaks; people may start experiencing steady decline in the performance. Thus, in order to enhance productivity at workplace, make the lunch breaks mandatory for all employees. After the break, they resume work with freshness, better concentration and thus, can deliver measurable results and improve self-confidence. Following these three imperative tips can certainly enhance the overall productivity at your workplace and will help your employees to yield better results while optimally utilizing the organizational resources.