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Wedding with a difference – opt for a rustic wedding venue


Wedding is one such event of a person’s life that one wishes to make as memorable as possible so to make the memories last a lifetime. You want everything just perfect if not, an ostentatious show. Something which is warm, casual yet well coordinated, and planned with the most important things, close to your heart. Well styles and options could be many, what matters is, and what you are comfortable with.

The way the weddings go , you can have a nice banquet hall or a hotel to add that sparkle to your big day. That’s the usual way; however one has all the freedom and right to make it a different one where you could make it unlike any other wedding anyone has seen.

Off late there has been a shift towards keeping things very earthy and close to the roots, as we say simple and basic. This is termed as the concept of the rusting wedding. Factory 51 rustic wedding venue  is boutique function venue blessed with stunning red brick walls, an elegant design & a large alfresco space. A perfect place to offset a rustic wedding theme.
The theme may be simple but, no wedding is simple in true terms. All one requires is thoughtful planning , right approach and apt scheduling towards it.

The Planning

From the usual banquet wedding , with the rustic wedding idea sky can be your limit. You are the ruler of your thoughts and you can live them with your wedding in the most creative manner. Your wedding could be in the open farmlands, the country house, the orchard, the hills or mountains, the riverside et al. It could be your childhood farm barn as well, where you have grown up. Just cherish the time gone by and make your fresh memories. You dream it, name it and just go for it.

However, there are a few aspects that must be kept in mind as you plan your dream day so that it is not a discomfort for you and your guests.

• If your wedding is planned outside, then one must keep oneself updated with the weather which is expected at that time of the year. Whether it’s going to be rainy, chilly or hot. All this should be sorted and well conveyed to your guests in time before guests reach the venue.
• With a rustic wedding, your creativity can have no bounds. You can have the color scheme as per the location. Browns, orange and other non conventional colors can be part he wedding.
• You can have the family pictures printed on cushions and table cloths to be a signage of the family lineage and so on. Not just this your wedding can be a reflection of your family traditions, where the food and drinks could also be the ones which your family was fond off. The wine, the vintage collection whatever you wish to boast about, do it.

Wedding is truly an event of a lifetime, you save up for it and want leave a mark. Make it as nostalgic, as sentimental you wish. Let it be truly a window of your taste and the culture you have nurtured and imbibed within yourself for the years gone by.